About us GulliverWAY, unique emotions for authentic travelers

Why GulliverWAY

Why GulliverWAY

Quality tourism

We select hotels and places for their uniqueness, authenticity and attention to service. We choose the experiences and services to offer our travellers to make their experience truly unforgettable.

Respect for the traveller

Each traveller is different from the other. For this, we scrupulously evaluate personal tastes and needs, identify the most suitable, help in perfecting the choice and inform correctly.

Competence of partners

Our team is made up of professionals who have experience and knowledge of the sector. Hospitality, Reception and Services: all in continuous training to always be on the spot!

Organization and efficiency

We take care of everything: we carefully carry out each component of the trip, taking care of the stress generated by organizational tasks. You just have to pack your bags and enjoy the trip in total relaxation!

Dedicated conditions

We work with agreed and adequate rates. We carefully elaborate offers and occasions that make the trip truly special and dedicated only to GulliverWAY travellers.

Emotions amplified

Emotions characterize our daily life and influence our choices. Our experts are constantly researching, selecting and formulating Experiences capable of responding to the many stimuli of the traveller's soul.


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Our vision

Roberto is an engineer, entrepreneur and travel lover who has always had a new vision of tourism: travel must be a life experience that enriches the traveller to experience an unforgettable journey.

With the GulliverLAB project, it has for years been offering innovative systems that help tour operators (travel agents, tour operators and hotels) to provide the best services and ideas to their customers. Over time and naturally, the most experienced operators with an 'enlightened' vision of tourism have become partners.

Our team

It was natural to combine the innovative vision of the GulliverLAB team with the best tour operators specializing in different geographical areas and types of travel. Together we have created GulliverWAY, a unique and exclusive project that connects travellers with the experts we have selected, to create the perfect vacation.

We have been working in the world of tourism for years and thanks to our experience we know which are the best geographical areas, the most stimulating experiences and the most reliable experts. We know each tour operator, select them, insert them into a network project and make them available to travellers. We want to offer experiences to be lived to the full, which is why we founded gogoMondo through which we can provide each touristic operator with the opportunity to deliver and sell tourist products, as well as take care of defining tailor-made travel itineraries.

We work in complete synergy with Castellino Software, the founding company of our group, which for years has been a point of reference for the tourism industry, thanks to its vision of the future, its technologies, and its multidisciplinary team. Castellino software, a guarantee of the satisfaction of its customers and ultimately of travellers, is ISO 9001 certified.